Monday, March 17, 2008

north dakota

north of minot, ND - about 80 miles from the canadian border.
click pic for giant detail, best viewed large because north dakota is a very large place.

i didn't get anything at all made this weekend what with the new pup and general mayhem - she is recovering from her second surgery very well and can eat finally and is wagging her little stump. they are keeping her another day, then a bit of a quiet recovery at ma's, then she can come home and play with corny. maybe next weekend :D poor bugger had a little complication from her first surgery but she is a healthy girl and knows she is loved and should be like a brand new dog in no time!
so today you get a pic i took a couple of years ago on my drive to canada. i saw this house on the way up and had my camera ready on the way down to catch it.
the bitty lump on the hills above is a farmhouse way in the distance (and is the nearest structure to this one.) i love how tiny everything looks here when in reality this homestead is really quite large and more than a mile in the distance.. those rolling hills dwarf everything and in such an unfamiliar landscape (to me anyway) it is visually confusing.
imagine the lives of the people who lived here, so isolated in this vast expanse, hemmed in by once mountainous lumps.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


beautiful girldog! she is recuperating post-op at ma's then will come home for real tomorrow night. poor baby just wants to sleep and be ill from anaesthesia and doesn't need corny bothering at her just yet.
1.5 years old, mostly doberman, a little rottweiler, spca, housetrained
sweetest girl!