Saturday, December 19, 2009

ok one more

it's friggin magical out

dog in the snow '09

snow is cornfed's favorite thing ever.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

ball of fire

stanwyk/cooper. watch here.

note to self: old dangly clip earrings make excellent cufflinks.
and is that her necklace hooked to her belt?

sry detail is hard to make out - these are screen caps and as good as it gets. someone needs to restore this please.

doesn't that just have the glamourai all over it?

it's not the greatest movie (see stanwyk in baby face.. top 3 all time fav) but it is stanwyk & cooper.. i don't even love gary cooper's acting (in anything except morocco w greta garbo - there he was perfectly cast and maybe never again) which is why i am fascinated by him and watch him intently.. trying to figure out why he was so popular. whatever, it's stanwyk. she's a pistol. always. o and dan duryea is in it! he is my favorite dead guy, hands down. well, he's tied w leslie howard.