Wednesday, April 29, 2009

movie inspiration: what a way to go

on netflix, available to watch instantly. this movie kills me! pure eye candy. edith head at her best.. well she was always at her best i suppose. shirley maclaine is adorable throughout, as are her costars paul newman, robert mitchum, dean martin and dick van dyke. dozens and dozens of brilliant costumes, many on screen for only 3or 5 seconds. i caught as many as i could for you. here are just a few of my favs:

lounging at home in blue stripes & sheer crisp ruffles w matching ruffle bloomers. i am totally making myself an outfit like this.

full-skirted ballgown split to reveal tiny matching micro shorts

completely insane red rubber geisha ensemble

cutest tiny empire-waist nightey that swings around her like a bell

and in time to be some summer inspiration for you: this longsleeved white lace bikini and the best shades ever

and also this killer dramatic bikini.. so easy to diy

Friday, April 24, 2009

48 hours in florida

i went to the beach 3 times! i took a junkload of pics and combed for shells.

siesta key

lido beach

and also a few little movielets:

48 hrs was too short, but i am glad to be home :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

movie inspiration: 39 steps

the 39 steps is another one of those early hitchcock propaganda films that i love. it is maybe the most famous of his from this period, but i think there are others that are better.. sabotage & secret agent i think are more fun rides.
BUT check out the giant bow collar on the heroine!

starched cotton it seems, with a black tie cinching at the center. this will be so easy to diy.. i'm gonna grab a couple of big men's button down shirts next time i am at the thrifts to make my own. this sort of thing would have just been pinned on to a plain black suit jacket. i'm thinking of making mine reversible, maybe a striped cotton on the othere side :)