Thursday, April 09, 2009

movie inspiration: 39 steps

the 39 steps is another one of those early hitchcock propaganda films that i love. it is maybe the most famous of his from this period, but i think there are others that are better.. sabotage & secret agent i think are more fun rides.
BUT check out the giant bow collar on the heroine!

starched cotton it seems, with a black tie cinching at the center. this will be so easy to diy.. i'm gonna grab a couple of big men's button down shirts next time i am at the thrifts to make my own. this sort of thing would have just been pinned on to a plain black suit jacket. i'm thinking of making mine reversible, maybe a striped cotton on the othere side :)


elena-lu said...

lovely screen grabs, cant wait to see the collar
have you ever seen The Lodger?? its my fave from waay back and after that is The Lady Vanishes!!

lovely blog full of all kinds of things i like :)

Sunshine said...

thank you elenalu!
for some reason i have two copies of the lodger, but i haven't watched it in a few years.. i will add it to the teetering stack of discs by the tv for rewatching:D
the lady vanishes was just added to as well and i watched it again the other day. i love mystery movies on trains.. so much tension in a confined space, so many nooks to hide in, so many rooftop chases....