Sunday, March 22, 2009

wanna watch a movie?

i watch a bunch of movies on hulu (legal movies w minimal ads yay) and they just uploaded this orson welles movie called mr arkadin that i've watched about 6 times now and am really enjoying. i tend to watch most movies at least a dozen times some many way more than that, usually over a few day or weeks. i have hundreds of old movies and do really like o.w. but hadn't seen this yet. (i'm tellin you i *really* like old movies. ) so this one they go all over the world in 1962. it's a crappy print but who cares.. lots of intrigue and dutch angles and really great actors and orson welles in a big stick-on beard.
they have a bunch of good stuff on there. here are some more of my favorites:

fun 60s camp sci-fi atom age vampire. i love this kind of junk. mesa of lost women is another fav.

the only marx bros they have is horse feathers.. not my favorite (night in casablanca, of course!) but all marx bros is good marx bros.

i do love my mystery stories.. and especially sherlock holmes (new s.h. movie coming out w robert downy jr soon!) - the private life of sherlock holmes is billy wilder's weird but fun take on it.

carnival of souls is a classic but i do recommend getting the dvd and listening to the commentary too. i mean if you're into that sort of thing.

they have one of my top 3 all-time favorite hitchcock movies, secret agent. the other two would be 'sabotage' and 'rich & strange'. i love those charming pretty snappy 30s couples. and this one also features a thoroughly loveable peter lorre, and a wire-hair dachshund. i don't really enjoy hitchcock post 1950. (i mean i still watch them over and over but i don't really enjoy it..)

dead end is really great and touching bogey w the dead end kids. i love the dead end kids. there's another one i like w them called 'they made me a criminal' that is good fun too.

about to watch terror is a man and frankenstein's daughter. as soon as the lady vanishes is over. maybe sooner.. not my favorite but still worth a watch.. if you haven't, um, seen it 20 times already.


skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

I love old movies also! I used to be in love with AMC until they changed the format years and years ago. My Dad has the old Sherlock Holmes tapes and they are great. They seem as if they have to be more creative to catch peopls attention bcuz they didn't have nudity and a bunch of swears to hold interest like they do now.

Sunshine said...

i took 'kiss me deadly' to a friend's house (easily top 10 all-time fav- so stilted and bizarre it's almost perfomance art.. takes a minute to get into it but so worth it.. gaby rodgers was a bloody genius but sadly she didn't do much else other than tv.) anyway my friend says, about halfway through, 'they're just standing around talking...' !!! tons of my favorite movies they're just standing around talking.. the little foxes.. whose afraid of virginia woolf.. that fassbinder movie beware of a holy whore (lovelove fassbinder)... so uncountable many.
i just couldn't imagine how anyone could be bored watching such a thing. even if all you pay attention to is people's hair it's all still a good watch. i guess i'm a little weird that way...

so last night's viewings: terror is a man was pretty unwatchable. like attack of the giant leeches awful. frankenstein's daughter was not bad.. relative to like santa clause vs the moon men (wholly unwatchable crap).. not as good as frankenstein or bride of frankenstein. i put it near bride of the gorilla, which was a really good shitty movie w great acting.. brilliant casting of raymond burr as the man who turns into a gorilla. so frankenstein's daughter is not quite as good as that.

this is why i haven't written a film guide. the rating system would just have to be totally bananas.

Danielle said...

i love hulu...