Monday, February 08, 2010

movie inspiration: matt helm

snow days = marathon movie watching. this time around i watched all of the dean martin matt helm movies i could find online. you can see the ambushers and murderer's row on netflix watch instantly, and the silencers is on hulu for free. these are pretty much just like austin powers except it's dean martin instead of austin powers. the evil bad guy organization is 'the big O' and his assistant's name is lovey cravesit. but the costumes are some of the best 1967-69 had to offer.. holy cow the costumes are so good. gogo pop color and lowslung hiphuggers and see-through meshy divinities. he always ends up at some tropical locale surrounded by beautiful lady spies in amazing swimsuits. it's all ideal blizzard-movie-day material.

1967 was the pinnacle of sunglass design. those above are gold hands giving the 'ok' sign.
and these

her suit is mostly mesh w solid inserts. hard to get pics of it because her character is clutzy and always falling over things.

serious badgirl earrings

serious badgirl cube ring
and matching super serious badgirl cube bracelet

insane asylum chic - white canvas gogo dress w giant red vinyl buckles and bleached pink hair. so future-now. i would like to be this girl today yes please. i have a drawer full of hairdye. i need some buckles.

blondie's mini is beautiful, but that on the right there is a proper double-breasted gogo shorts-suit. if it were leather that would be pretty right-now too.

love this - circusy harlequin but super classy

sheer mesh w solid yellow panels

there's an oleg cassini fashion show bit with a few dozen amazing prints. here is just one - all too good

i wish his fencing instructor wasn't standing at such a bad angle to really see her heart-shaped uniform. she never really turns around - more mesh

murderer's row has ann-margaret in it as a wild teen discoteque queen in cannes. i love a good longsleeved swimsuit

and pink vinyl hair bows for the pool

also can we talk about this daisy dress and matching daisy skullcap for a sec please

and matching daisy panties. bury me in this please.

she has yellow nailpolish on too. just sayin..

these are vinyl or leather. let's say they're leather

ann's is backless, which makes it weirdly sexy when she turns around. and those pointy white ankle strap shoes are my favorite. her whole thing (the blonde) is pretty ideal really. pink leather cape = true love.
but really. the daisies. w the red sunglasses. i don't need other clothes. i'll be the weird daisy chick, that's fine.

Friday, February 05, 2010