Monday, May 24, 2010

movie inspiration: twentieth century

Twentieth Century

Carole Lombard & John Barrymore. Not my favorite Lombard movie (see We're not Dressing w Bing Crosby, Gracie Allen & George Burns, Ethel Merman, and a rollerskating bear) but Barrymore's secretary here wins for biggest bow. Easy DIY, given enough spray starch. You can just make out her giant cufflinks there too.

Friday, May 21, 2010

contributed - first kiss

Elizabeth made a 'zine. Like old school, but she used the internet too. She collected first hand accounts of first kisses from a lot of cool internet types. Yes, my first kiss story is in there as well. Cringe along with me. Click the pic.

Friday, May 14, 2010

TV Inspiration: McMillan & Wife

You know I watch all detective movies/shows/old time radio broadcasts as part of my training to be a little old woman who solves mysteries. Of course most of what I pay attention to in the end are the wardrobes. Stay tuned for the insanity that is the Columbo costume dept - including a cameo by Edith Head herself - and a post dedicated to Mrs. Fletcher's massive collection of Coach purses and Cowichan sweaters.

Today let us take a moment to consider perhaps the best dressed crime solving heroine since Nora Charles - Sally McMillan of McMillan & Wife, 1971 - 1977. Susan St. James wears the hell out of some awful/amazing 70s ensembles and the best pantsuits ever onscreen.

Summery, w white lace-up espadrilles

white pantsuit w tubetop

She does the ribbon tied around the neck a lot. I did that all the time in high school. A wildly feminist teacher I had told me that it has the connotation of a dog collar and symbolized my desire to be controlled and degraded by men. What a load of crap.

Fitted glitter knit T

Blue velvet pantsuit

I wish I could get my hair to do this.. also best blouse ever.

Buffalo plaid pantsuit - must find.

Really good pixie cut on this waitress

Pretty much I wear this around the house/errands all the time - irish wool/old denim/60s hair

This glittery disco number is for a wake

Crochet & patent leather winter cap

That on the left is so MiuMiu a few years ago, no?

grey suit w oversize peach necktie

blanket skirt w overknee boots

Must find.

She does a lot of fitted long formal polyseter dresses too that don't screencap so well but look amazing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the girl can't help it

check out little richard's shoes in the jayne mansfield movie 'the girl can't help it'.. flat black w gold tips & facings.