Wednesday, January 25, 2012

and now for something of historical significance

I used to do picture framing, and often we'd find weird things in the backs of frames. Once I found a crazy creepy double exposure photo of naked little girls with crosses burned on their foreheads inside a SEALED new cheapo frame a customer brought us from Kmart. I'll try to find that one for you.

This is the most interesting thing I ever found though. There's another example of this antique Robinson Crusoe wallpaper online, in the V&A Museum collection. They date it 1875. You can also find it available reprinted in miniature for dollhouses. Keep in mind that this is nursery wallpaper when you read the captions...

Robinson Crusoe and his man Friday

Robinson Crusoe finds footprints in the sand

Robinson Crusoe and Friday firing on the savages

Robinson Crusoe going out shooting

Robinson Crusoe at dinner with his family.

Robinson Crusoe rowing from the wreck

Friday, January 13, 2012

movie inspiration: the spanish cape mystery (1935)

The Spanish Cape Mystery (1935) should be great - it's Ellery Queen and the costumes (gowns by Lettie Lee) are really very good.. but it sucks. Like watch-in-fast-forward-for-the-clothes-alone sucks. What you should watch is the Mandarin Mystery (1936) even though it is the absolute stupidest mystery ever. Eddie Quillan as Ellery Queen is just so flipping charming. Almost as charming as Ray Milland as Bulldog Drummond, though little has ever in the universe been quite that charming. Anyway watch Mandarin Mystery if you can find it, then go ahead and watch the Big Sleep again so's you can't say you didn't have any meat.
But you want to see the dresses... I know.

Bias-cut silk satin with surprise criss-cross back. Major neckline - I think that's part of the dress and not a necklace.

Taking bets on what color it is. I'm going to say emerald green.

silly frilly shoulders over sweeping black velvet

...with another surprise back. I'd love this dress.

Of course when you walk to the water with a gentleman you go ahead and shimmy your shoulders on out of there -

OK so there's apparently no natural way to stand in this but I do love a good nuts jumpsuit.

Yeah that looks natural.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

movie inspiration: shag

This is one of the very few modern movies you'll get an inspiration post on here - Shag was a huge influence on me when it came out in 1989. Melissa and I watched this a gillion times - like enough to actually learn how to Shag. (The dance, pervert. We were 12.)
It's mostly about the hair-

I mean if you're going to bother doing your hair, you might as well...

it's also a little about the glasses

I was really into this cigarette pants/skirt thing

OK it's obviously mostly about Phoebe Cates' eyes.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Vegas videos

The first video was shot around 10PM on New Years Eve. The second one is the tumblers at Circus Circus.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

the rest

Here's a bit of everything else that I shot in Vegas.

Here's the crowd on New Years Eve

I gambled a total of $3 in 5 days - lost promptly but funly. I did, however, find 3 pennies and a credit slip for 5 cents, so I wasn't totally unlucky.

These few were all shot from my hotel room window -

And lastly-

This is now officially a lucky dress - I wore it to see Penn & Teller. At one point in the show Penn instructed Teller to take some video of the audience to project onto a big screen on stage. He panned around a bit and zoomed in on me. Highlight of my life, hands down. I think you're cute too Teller.

All the rest of my Vegas pics are posted here.