Tuesday, January 03, 2012

the rest

Here's a bit of everything else that I shot in Vegas.

Here's the crowd on New Years Eve

I gambled a total of $3 in 5 days - lost promptly but funly. I did, however, find 3 pennies and a credit slip for 5 cents, so I wasn't totally unlucky.

These few were all shot from my hotel room window -

And lastly-

This is now officially a lucky dress - I wore it to see Penn & Teller. At one point in the show Penn instructed Teller to take some video of the audience to project onto a big screen on stage. He panned around a bit and zoomed in on me. Highlight of my life, hands down. I think you're cute too Teller.

All the rest of my Vegas pics are posted here.


FSK said...

great shots girl! you need to come see the AZ desert as well!

Sunshine said...

I'd love that! Maybe next road trip