Sunday, January 08, 2012

movie inspiration: shag

This is one of the very few modern movies you'll get an inspiration post on here - Shag was a huge influence on me when it came out in 1989. Melissa and I watched this a gillion times - like enough to actually learn how to Shag. (The dance, pervert. We were 12.)
It's mostly about the hair-

I mean if you're going to bother doing your hair, you might as well...

it's also a little about the glasses

I was really into this cigarette pants/skirt thing

OK it's obviously mostly about Phoebe Cates' eyes.


Poppy Seed Roll said...

I made my 16-year-old daughter watch this with me over the summer. Now she can't help saying, "we're having the most fun!" I love it

Sunshine said...

haha I still say 'the most fun' 20+ years later