Friday, June 27, 2008

movie obsessed

i mention over yonder >>> that i am wicked obsessed with old movies. yesterday i bought another 100 movie pack set - i have bought 9 of these sets thus far, though some are 50 movie packs. yesterday i got 100 horror:

the others are:

100 mystery classics

50 suspense classics

50 horror classics (all different from the 100 I just got!)

50 dark crimes

50 hollywood legends

50 historic classics

100 hollywood classics

100 sci-fi classics

I love how the review on the sci-fi one says ‘months of entertainment in a single box.” it took me defly less than 2 weeks. though i still have not made it through santa claus conquers the martians - despite having the best title it is insufferably bad. most of the rest of them i have seen dozens of times now, plus i have managed to acquire countless other smaller box sets over the years, bogey & bacall, mae west, marx bros, bette davis, and on and on.
the sets are $30-$45 in stores, but less than $15 on amazon. totally worth it despite many coming from bad prints... also it is apparent that the people who compile these sets go by title, not actual content. last night i watched 'monster island' with boris karloff.. it is not a horror movie! narcotics smuggling and baby snatching. this is not the first out-of-place film on one of these sets i have noticed.. 'atom age vampire' is not a vampire movie either :D but it is pretty good. of course my idea of good is prolly a bit skewed at this point.
there's a set of 100 detective tv shows that is next on my list :) also you can watch dragnet '67 on netflix now... s 01 ep 01 is bloody hilarious. they all are but that one especially. very different from the original more hard-boiled dragnet series.