Monday, October 27, 2008

more ponies

you may remember me posting a while back about ponyboy - well i got another opportunity to shoot photographs of one of his horse training clinics in NJ. the whole set is here. i might have some video to show you soon too:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

fav films: woody allen

yes, i am a big woody allen fan. granted, i haven't seen any of his new work since everyone says i love you in 1996. but i still regularly listen to my old records of his stand up routines, and i would gladly drop everything to watch bananas again at any time.
of course i love annie hall too, but even people who hate woody allen films like annie hall.
here is my list of absolute favorite woody allen movies in order:

shadows & fog
love & death
what's up tigerlily?
take the money & run

i was not ever really into everything you always wanted to know about sex*but were afraid to ask... nor did i like sleeper (except for the set design!) which seem to be everyone's favorites if they like old woody allen. i rarely hear anyone touting the virtues of the films listed here (except zelig, folks seem to agree on that one :D) bananas has the best theme music ever and i will be dancing to it in my head all day now. if you like kafka you'll like shadows & fog (plus it's a circus movie which you know i love) and if you've ever been into russian lit you should get a kick out of love & death.
i still may get it together to watch the new scarlet-era woody pics, but prolly not for a few more years yet. i'd rather not see another film ever than have to sit through anything remotely as bad as everyone says i love you.