Wednesday, May 27, 2009

fluvanna co., VA

hi guys! it's been a little while since i talked to you. i took off to virginia with the girls this past weekend to enjoy memorial day out in the country. lexi's family throws a huge bbq on their farm every year with tons of kids and food and ponies and flowers. also a fair number of ticks.. ahh country life.

this is lexi's dad willy. he has the best life going.

one of 3 or 4 grills & smokers that were going at 5AM to feed everyone.

we ate like this all weekend. i had venison with every meal!

we walked the kids to the graveyard after dark one night. the girls were terrified and called the boys crazy for running ahead with no flashlights. michael (on the right) just said 'we're not crazy! we're just men!'

there are cars and jeeps everywhere like this

the kids got to see the train go by. i love this pic.. if you click it to view fullscreen you can see the conductor waving back to sarah.

veronica is in big brothers & sisters in DC, so she brought her 'little sister' and a friend to the country. we taught them how to fish and both girls caught a few sunfish.

look how proud dasia is!

this water was so cold i think i put one heel in the whole time.

the girls wanted to feed the ponies, so my drunk ass took them out into the field

lord knows what ridiculous thing i am saying here...

so many more pics and little movies on my flickr: mine, and the beautiful pics erin took.