Wednesday, January 25, 2012

and now for something of historical significance

I used to do picture framing, and often we'd find weird things in the backs of frames. Once I found a crazy creepy double exposure photo of naked little girls with crosses burned on their foreheads inside a SEALED new cheapo frame a customer brought us from Kmart. I'll try to find that one for you.

This is the most interesting thing I ever found though. There's another example of this antique Robinson Crusoe wallpaper online, in the V&A Museum collection. They date it 1875. You can also find it available reprinted in miniature for dollhouses. Keep in mind that this is nursery wallpaper when you read the captions...

Robinson Crusoe and his man Friday

Robinson Crusoe finds footprints in the sand

Robinson Crusoe and Friday firing on the savages

Robinson Crusoe going out shooting

Robinson Crusoe at dinner with his family.

Robinson Crusoe rowing from the wreck


dirtbike said...

this is very cool.

i can only imagine what lurks in some old frames.

i am creeped out by the double exposure cross girls, but of course i want to see it!

Sunshine said...

I'll dig that one out one of these days. There's a lot of boxes of ephemera in the shed.. I know it's in one of them.