Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FL State Fair 2012

Dawn and I went up to Tampa today for the state fair. It was lots of fun, as the pictures I took will attest. These are my favorite kinds of things to shoot. I think maybe my calling in life is to document the great American carnival. I can think of a lot worse jobs.

That ball landing in the bowl represents one of 4 goldfish that Dawn won.

Master Shake's cooler big brother, Magnum Coke

You could get rides in the original Bat-copter! If I'd had my Phenergan on me I'd have done it, but no one wants to be the guy who puked in the original Bat-copter.

Zamora the Gorilla Girl was in Diamonds are Forever (as was the clown game I shot at Circus Circus at New Years) -but maybe not the same Zamora. We didn't go in to see her.

Pretty sure they had a nutria in here.

There were tons of animals also, but I didn't get many pics of them. I needed both hands to pet and feed them.
Lots more pics here.


Stacy said...

Love carnival pics! You should consider the career. Have you ever seen an old tv show called Circus Boy? We have a channel that just shows old tv shows and a few movies, I caught it for the first time over the weekend. It's about a boy who takes care of the baby elephant, does behind the scenes chores, etc, and that little boy was Mickey Dolenz! Check it out if there's a chance, I think you'll appreciate it.

Sunshine said...

Stacy - I LOVE the Monkees and was just looking into getting the box set of the show. I have heard of Circus Boy but never seen it. I'll have to seek it out. Definitely sounds like something I'd like.

dirtbike said...

these are awesome.

fairs in my area are never this colorful!

Sunshine said...

thank you dirtbike! I am thinking I'll go back in the evening when all the lights are on too.