Friday, May 14, 2010

TV Inspiration: McMillan & Wife

You know I watch all detective movies/shows/old time radio broadcasts as part of my training to be a little old woman who solves mysteries. Of course most of what I pay attention to in the end are the wardrobes. Stay tuned for the insanity that is the Columbo costume dept - including a cameo by Edith Head herself - and a post dedicated to Mrs. Fletcher's massive collection of Coach purses and Cowichan sweaters.

Today let us take a moment to consider perhaps the best dressed crime solving heroine since Nora Charles - Sally McMillan of McMillan & Wife, 1971 - 1977. Susan St. James wears the hell out of some awful/amazing 70s ensembles and the best pantsuits ever onscreen.

Summery, w white lace-up espadrilles

white pantsuit w tubetop

She does the ribbon tied around the neck a lot. I did that all the time in high school. A wildly feminist teacher I had told me that it has the connotation of a dog collar and symbolized my desire to be controlled and degraded by men. What a load of crap.

Fitted glitter knit T

Blue velvet pantsuit

I wish I could get my hair to do this.. also best blouse ever.

Buffalo plaid pantsuit - must find.

Really good pixie cut on this waitress

Pretty much I wear this around the house/errands all the time - irish wool/old denim/60s hair

This glittery disco number is for a wake

Crochet & patent leather winter cap

That on the left is so MiuMiu a few years ago, no?

grey suit w oversize peach necktie

blanket skirt w overknee boots

Must find.

She does a lot of fitted long formal polyseter dresses too that don't screencap so well but look amazing.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I hear ya, girl. Della Street is my fashion idol. i love how she wore conservative suits with pussy bow blouses and 6-inch Frederick's-of-Hollywood-style slides. And Miss Thing had a handbag for every occasion. Luv!


Sunshine said...

Oh good call on Della Street! I need to put Perry Mason in my queue. I sort of hated PM when i was a kid - it's only salvation was indeed Della's wardrobe. Totally requires a marathon watching/screencapping.
Thanks for putting this in my head anonymous!

Shannon said...

these are sweet. love the glitter knit tee... i like collect all sorts of variations of those from the thrift store. i also used to tie the ribbon around my neck in high school a lot too... my fav was pink rick-rack. that dog collar bull shit is just that... bull shit.

Anonymous said...

you can watch Perry Mason episodes here:

Anonymous said...

Fantastic screen snaps of Susan as Sally!

Anonymous said...

Sally was such a hottie!