Wednesday, November 05, 2008

ca. 1979

some drawings from when i was wee:

and a mystery:

can anyone tell me what is going on here? i remember drawing it but not why... what o what does it mean???

more here!


Jamie Anne said...

i love the graph paper! did all parents of the 70s have stacks of it or what?

lola devlin said...

ahh! This is too cute! I want to turn the last drawing into an xmas card....and figure out some saying that will go along with those mysterious letters!

Sunshine said...

jamie anne: my dad was an engineer! but yeah i think graph paper was just 'around' more in the 70s

lola: hilarious!! i'll work on it :D

Anonymous said...

awhh how cute! and those letters are probably going to stay a secret of your childhood! hehe

Sunshine said...

bellefantasie: another friend of mine has called them 'inscrutable'.. now they define that word for me :D

anna said...

for me they spell out a shifting stream of impressions of words.. kind of alternate between affectionate phrases and angry spiteful ones. i think this is the new rorschach.
btw, who said 'inscrutable'??

Sunshine said...

haha, different anna - apparently there are a lot of cool girls named anna.

also, i finally figured out/remembered what they are! but i don't want to say and ruin it :D