Sunday, August 08, 2010

movie inspiration: why change your wife?

This week it's Cecil B. Demille's Why Change your Wife? - 1920, starring Gloria Swanson. It's the old story of the man who goes out to buy something nice for his wife, but picks up a lingerie model instead. Post-divorce, the wife takes refuge in shopping, and reinvents herself as a confident, independent, thoroughly modern woman. Again it's the perfect set-up for amazing costumes.

There are a lot of incredible shoes, though most look like they'd be torture to actually wear. People were still wearing 'straights' at this time - no left or right, both shoes were the same shape. These look like they have some distinction between left and right, but it's minimal.

beaded stockings

ladies pants in 1920 - keep in mind this is a lingerie shop, these are not for wearing in public


the perfect shoes for the beach, no?

here is a shot of the resort

Gloria Swanson just drapes this liquid metal lame' on herself in about 3 seconds and it is the best dress I've seen in a long time

I imagine this military-inspired draped velvet dress is a golden yellow.

and here is what you wear underneath such a dress

the lingerie model

she adds the little heart shaped mole to her shoulder, then applies perfume to only her mouth, fur cuff and the heart sticker.

and the most outstanding piece in the film - a zebra cocoon coat.

I highly recommend this film, and not just for the clothes. The acting is really very good - far better than you might expect from the time period.


Christine said...

Wow, great screen shots! I LOVE the heart-shaped mole.

Idee Fixe ( said...

Oo I'm definitely going to look out for this one! Loved the little heart on the lingerie model!

Sunshine said...

christine - it took me forever to get good screen caps! with 20s movies especially they tend to have a lot of stripey motion blur. that zebra coat took +50 pics to get a good clear one of the back.

Suzanne - if you have netflix you can click that first link and watch it instantly.

Idee Fixe ( said...

Oh thanks, I do! I'll have something interesting to watch one boring night!