Sunday, October 24, 2010

movie inspiration: Heisser Sommer

This East German gem from 1968 is so bad it's good - Heisser Sommer. Absolutely dreadful song and dance numbers, but really great haircuts, and some hilariously bizarro scenes. Basically a lot of boys go camping with a lot of girls. Boys are dumb and horny. Girls are crazy and horny. You know...

cute pjs
So this is what dudes do camping when no girls are around..

That army of chicks does the stupidest dance ever here. The movie is kind of worth it for this dance alone.

cutest super-short haircut #1 on the right here -

and cutest short-but-not-too-short cut here, along with perhaps the greatest line ever uttered on screen -

it looses nothing in the translation. East German Keira Knightley has it all figured out.


Joy said...

I need to seek this out just to see for myself! The pjs are awesome, I want them all!

Sunshine said...

it's good for a rainy day! click the link to watch it instantly on netflix.
I will admit to fast forwarding through some rather torturous scenes...