Monday, November 22, 2010

when i grow up i wanna be a 1920s circus magnate

Part II of our museum inspiration posts - this time it's the house. John Ringling built this amazing Venetian Gothic palace on Sarasota Bay in 1924. I couldn't get a good shot of the whole front but you can click through to their website to see it.

multi-color window panes

I know I promised to focus on the fabrics, but there are some other favorite bits here too.
Inside they have a great collection of hand-stitched screens - click any pic to view big details.

that chair is so good - leather and painted wood


tapestry card table

the ceilings in every room are outstanding

The ceiling of the Great Room

the Great Room is truly huge and is surrounded by these massive tapestries

Here's another tapestry in the main art gallery - this one was designed by Rubens and executed in his lifetime. That's late 1600s. This is about 20 feet wide.

More from the museum itself in the next post.
Another ceiling in the house, done by the gentleman who painted the sets for the Ziegfeld Follies

They are all dancing couples from around the world.

You can also tour the upper floors of the house, including the tower, which was closed my whole childhood. It costs a bit more to see all that part, and overall Ringling is a bit spendy, but it really is worth it.

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