Wednesday, December 15, 2010

movie inspiration: mid-40s

Fashion Model (1945) and Ruthless (1948)

Winter has finally set in, so I am hunkered down in serious movie-watching mode. Be prepared for more movie inspiration posts than usual. It's too dark and cold here to be very social past 6 PM for the next little while. And you know I love watching crap old movies and screencapping them so's you don't have to.
Neither of the movies in this post is great, but the wardrobes are some of my favorites. Fashion Model sounds like just the right animal - cute goofy comedy/murder mystery, plus fashion. It's not the absolute worst, but it ain't great. Watch Ellery Queen instead.
But I will be making all of these dresses, and the little ribbon flower hat too.

Ruthless is about a guy who's ruthless, go figure. Sydney Greenstreet is even in it, and he's really great, but still watch Written on the Wind instead.
Except Written on he Wind doesn't have this asymmetrical necklace/dress thing. It winds around her neck and down the bodice of the dress to a cluster at her hip. Couldn't get a full pic of it, but it's early enough in the movie you can see for yourself then move on to better things.

Great giant perma-pleat sleeves on her dressing gown. You can do this with a thrifted skirt I think.

love the lace ruffle along the bustier edge

and the jewelry in her hair

I think this is my favorite time-period for dresses. Also, gentlemen, can we bring back the pencil-thin mustachio please? Enough with the handlebars & Santa beards already.

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