Sunday, March 20, 2011

'don't let the turnpike hit you on the way out'

Anna and Ariel threw me a Florida-themed going away party last night. I didn't take near enough pictures..

Margarita pie (w tequila!) - I think the bunny represents me.
and a sea of other booze

They made Florida punches w fruit juices and bourbon and rum.
Anna made a banner, but I never got a pic of it hanging up..

aww me and Jay and at least 1 beer too many

I wore my giant fuzzy jcs and a 70s polyester jumpsuit.
Kelly wore an awesome green and gold double-weave polyester dress

It has jangling coins.
And some severe earrings

Dave and Anna

David really knows how to pose for a picture!

Wish I had gotten so many more pictures of everyone and all the delicious food they brought (sweet&sour buffalo meatballs, Polish stuffed cabbage, dumpling stew, Peeps) but partying took over. You know, at some point you have to choose to observe or partake.
Golly I'll miss you guys! But I'll see you all soon too.

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