Sunday, September 11, 2011

movie inspiration: deep red (1975)

This is a movie I actually used to have years ago, but I lent it out and never saw it again. Lesson learned - never lend out a movie by Dario Argento. The print I had was terrible though, and it's now available instantly on Netflix in really pretty resolution.
1975 was a great year for Italian horror films, Italian fashion and probably everything else in Italy. But the key thing in this movie is the house - art nouveau perfection. I can't find anything online about the actual house though. The other key thing is the music - performed by the Goblins. Best. Film score. Ever.
Apparently this one is known in Japan as "Suspiria 2". Hilarious - it has nothing at all to do with Suspiria. I have screencaps from that one for you as well, even though it is not my favorite Argento film at all. It is pretty though. There's actually 2 of his movies on deck for you.. this is fashion week/Argento week here.



erin said...

I love Dario Argento films! Loads of inspiration....

Sunshine said...

They're all good across the board. Even the bad new stuff is good. Nobody works close in like argento. And best dolly work too.