Friday, July 13, 2012

movie inspiration: phyllis diller

There's a really great doc on Netflix right now about Phyllis Diller - Goodnight, We Love You. You see most of her final stand-up performance, hear interviews with tons of comedians and her family, and you get to see inside her closet - and she has kept everything. I've always loved her. She didn't make fun of anyone except herself, and her on-stage persona owned every one of her flaws and foibles.
And the clothes.. you know I love the clothes.

She wore this in the 60s to drive around in a vintage convertible -

This is maybe 1/20 of her closet.

All of the glasses -

And for good measure - my Phil Dil records -

When I'm an old lady I am totally doing my eyebrows like that.

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morganvsmorgan said...

They are fantastic old lady eyebrows.