Wednesday, January 05, 2011

movie inspiration: Animal Kingdom (1932)

I have a huge folder of screencaps to share with you and I was having a heck of a time choosing what to show you next. Then I found the set from Animal Kingdom. Since I was 12, hands down my favorite movie star has been Leslie Howard - he was Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind. I still have the biggest crush on him, and he is really good in this one. Myrna Loy is in it too, also lethally good and so very very pretty. The costumes are absolutely terrific. I know I am prone to hyperbole - cuz life is friggin awesome - but really this film is great all the way around.

He is the absolute end.

Both of these dresses are outstanding.

Mink bow. Perfection.

Diamante' spaghetti straps.

Bias-cut white satin. Please someone make this their wedding dress.

And my favorite dress - maybe ever? Have I made that pronouncement before? - this bias-cut velvet. Holy cow.

What color could it be? Rust? Olive? Her hair was reddish so I'm going with rust.

And here is what I mean when I say he's really good in this one - his wife has just said something remarkably stupid.

He absolutely slays me.

He was killed during WWII when the plane he was on was shot down by the Nazis. They'd had word, incorrectly, that Churchill was on board.

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LeslieHowardForever said...

Great film. Leslie Howard was a wonderful actor. Thanks for your post and for the beautiful screencaps!