Wednesday, January 12, 2011

movie inspiration: The Dark Corner (1946)

This is my all-time favorite film noir. My top three are The Dark Corner, Scarlet Street, and Kiss Me Deadly. Mark Stevens is a really lovable iteration of the gritty detective, and Lucille Ball is absolutely gorgeous and steals every scene she's in. She's 25 in this and had already been in 15 films. The story here too is good classic stuff - it hits all the the right notes and is a perfect example of the genre.

Love the formal teddybear hair on this lady

These needlepoint chairs are my favorite

That's Clifton Webb. If you are a big Twin Peaks fan you may recognize him as Waldo Lydecker from the film Laura. He was in tons of movies actually, and you can pretty much bet it'll be good if he's in it.

Oh and guys - this is where your waist is, in case you forgot.


deborah said...

Love all the movie still inspiration posts. Have you ever considered doing the same wth some vintage television programs? Marlo Thomas as "That Girl"? Sally Field in "Gidget"? Even Barbara Eden as Jeannie would be terrif. Just wondering...

Sunshine said...

I've done a few TV shows but not many - Columbo, McMillan & Wife, and a few more are up-coming. Mysteries/crime/suspense is really my wheelhouse. I'll confess here I never liked Gidget or That Girl. I watched a lot of Perry Mason though!