Saturday, September 04, 2010

the first old movie I ever loved

I must have watched Where the Boys Are (1960) a dozen times before I was 12. I was completely in love with the girls, the boys, the clothes, the cars, Ft. Lauderdale in the 60s - all of it. This was the world I wanted to grow up into (no matter how far from reality I knew it was.) If that's what spring break in Lauderdale was really like I'd go every year. Heck I'd move there. Into this motel -

Yvette Mimeaux is heartbreakingly beautiful, and she wears gingham in almost every scene.

Love the little white daisies w rhinestone centers. Doing this soon.

helloooo George Hamilton

There are lots of good bathing suits, but sadly no sunglasses of any sort on anyone. And 1960 was such a great year for shades.. it's my only complaint with this movie.

Connie Francis has the most lovely voice. And that's Frank Gorshin (the Riddler) as a hipster douchebag.

So many good cars

Lots of scenes of the girls getting dressed up - it's a carnival of pretty dresses and crinolines and frothy pastel underthings

Connie Francis' belt w this green dress is clear plastic with little white plastic flowers.

Man I had such a crush on Jim Hutton's character, TV Thompson. I guess I still do. He'd be the one in the helmet here. I mean George Hamilton's pretty, but I do tend to prefer goofy.

Also, TV is a really good nickname.

and there's a Marilyn-esque bombshell, for good measure

She's one of those underwater mermaid ladies that swims in a glass tank in a fancy restaurant - like Weeki Wachee but with dinner. I love that that used to be a job.

I haven't seen the one they made in the 80s - it's not on DVD yet - but I have a feeling it's going to disappoint me bigtime. I'm sure I won't be hard in love with all of the ashtrays and pool umbrellas and beach hats and lamps and every other tiny detail..

Apologies for the old school screen caps (read: pointing camera at computer screen) but it is apparently not possible to take screen caps of DVDs on a Mac! (Yes I tried the templates trick to no avail. ) This is the first super annoying Mac issue I've come up against. Super duper annoying.


Shannon said...

i think you might be able to screenshot if you play the dvd in a smaller frame? i swear i though i did it once... i know you can't do it on full screen. haha i don't even know what the templates trick is!

Sunshine said...

Shannon - naw it doesn't work in any size window, but thank you! you just get the grey/white checkered box wherever the dvd window is.

Apparently Macs output dvd content directly to the video card, bypassing whatever it has to go through for the screencap short-cut to 'see' the image.

The terminal option is basically a line of code that turns your cursor into a camera through the terminal (in utilities, which is in applications) and it is supposed to see the dvd pic. But I still get the grey/white checkers. Seems i need to dl VLC or another media player, which is just LAME.

But again, thank you for the suggestion! I am open to other fixes anyone might know that don't involve 3rd party software being downloaded. I don't trust anything.

Shannon said...

ok, i totally get what you are talking about now. and you know what? i used to have VLC on my computer (which was a pc) so i am sure that is what i used when i was screencappin' in the past. maybe i haven't tried to screen cap since i have had a mac... or maybe it was only with youtube. sorry!! can we get VLC for mac?

Sunshine said...

yes = vlc for mac. just google it.

but srs we have to get a whole 'nother media player Macintosh people??? i thought these things were built for creative visual types. guhhhhh. really almost a deal breaker here. i know shit about computers and less about macs. i want it to just work. it's 2010 for chrissakes!

Shannon said...


i know right??? after being at art school forever and finally breaking down and getting a mac. i was os psyched how easy it was to screencap everything, um except dvds apparently!!! i'm feelin' you on this one. but i suppose even it must have it's drawbacks? ok, no, but it definitely is beyond annoying.