Saturday, September 11, 2010

movie inspiration: Modern Girls

For this installment of movie inspiration it's Modern Girls (1986) - Virginia Madsen, Daphne Zuniga and friends go clubbing in Hollywood. Not much on plot, but some of the best 80s styling and my all-time favorite interiors. It doesn't hurt that I had half of this stuff...

like that pink radio.

One day I am going to paint a Lichtenstein-esque mural over my bed. It has to be.

If anyone ever finds one of these cat clocks you'll hook me up, right?

soooooo 80s

sooo much pink

I love her collection of Archies and Barbie magazines. I had stacks of that junk.

OK best livingroom, best pastel fabric-feather boa, and yeah, I had a plastic rock purse.

apparently in the 80s you could get your head tattooed in the club

that boa again. Golly I have always wanted that thing. I need to figure out how to make it.

pastel cigarettes

of course this has a fuzzy leopard interior

everyone in the clubs is wearing vintage. Virginia Madsen wears this perfect 20s via the 80s beaded flapper-style dress throughout. Also, she has my all-time favorite hair - it's actually her hair in Candyman has always been my favorite, but that's for another post. If I could get a perm to do that I would so be there.

and one last shot of that livingroom

Flamingo curtains, randomly scattered neon noodles and a life-size hot pink metal palm tree. It doesn't get any better. And that little pink round-back chair to the left.. it has bowling balls for feet on its 3 legs. Best ever. God the 80s looked good.


Scumbalina said...

I've been admiring your blog from afar for a while. Now I gotta speak up! Modern Girls is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. You're right, it's plotless and silly but it embodies everything awesome about 80's style. It's become a staple to watch this when I'm making tacky jewelry.

Sunshine said...

scumbalina - I'd love to hear more on your guilty pleasures list! I should defly compile a post. I do love some crap films.

Amanda said...

I still have my plastic rock purse, purchased circa 1988 at Canal Street Jeans. and no, it will never magically wind up in the warehouse.

Shannon said...

rock purse?! YES!

totally just added this to my instant queue....saturday nite just got a whole lot better... thanks sunshine :)

Sunshine said...

amanda - I seem to remember they were really tippy and inconvenient. but man they did look cool. you know I'm hung up on saddle purses now!

shannon - enjoy! you can watch valley girl instantly too.

Scumbalina said...

that would be some list. I have like 5 guilty pleasure movies for every mood. I'll start jotting them down as they come to me! I love what you do here, by the way. Your attention to details in these movies is awesome. Thanks!

Helen from Clio's Curiosities said...

This looks like a great film! I know I'll turn over to your blog every time I need a new reccomendation

Elena said...

I love this movie too much. I wish I could get away with wearing all of the outfits.

Sunshine said...

Scumbalina & Helen - I consider this using my film degree ;)

Elena - dude you totally can. wear what you love!!!