Friday, September 17, 2010

movie inspiration: April in Paris

I'm not really into Doris Day movies - I watch them, but I don't like them. I cheated on April in Paris (1952) and watched it in fast forward for cosutmes and set only. The saving grace of Doris Day movies is that they do tend to have big budgets and good costumes in full color. They also tend to be about showbiz and thus have elaborate stage costumes which are my absolute favorite.

Case in point -
[click for fullscreen eyecandy]

Technicolor french poodles. Oh yeah.

This set w the giant ruffles is my favorite I think

even Doris' grey ensemble is pretty great - perma-pleat cape and bikini top over a full length circle skirt.

I was actually going to make this post entirely about this shot, but there are a few other tasty morsels I have to at least mention.

her wedding dress - hellooo Vuitton

then there's this draped satin & flower dress she wears to a masquerade party - kind of Viktor & Rolf in a way - so sculpted .. refined yet totally insane.

Somehow Doris' bathrobe pretty much upstages everything else though

Super-full lavender tafetta. How many suitcases do you have to pack for vacation when this is just your robe?

I just liked this shot.
and I think this year's insane birthday cake will be a recreation of this one

anyone know where I can find an Eiffel Tower birthday candle?


Jade said...

lol i love this movie

Jade Appeal

Sunshine said...

with the sound off it's pretty great to watch - but boy something about her that just irks me. I'm not so into musical numbers either - excepting Bing Crosby or Fred Astaire.

dirtbike said...

feelin' ya on this one sunshine... not crazy about her either. thank you for sifting through... i think the poodles are my favorite!