Thursday, July 07, 2011

grandpa's workshop

A place for all things, and all things in their place.
And so much vintage packaging! Mostly 60s - some earlier, some later.

every one of these cans has a different nail taped to the outside to indicate the contents

and The Man himself -


LauraPage said...

I love these shots!

deborah said...

Don't you LOVE hardware organization?! If you are planning to part with anything I would like to make an offer on the gears and watch parts. Really!

Sunshine said...

Thanks guys! It was a treat to see everything down there.
deborah- no way no day is the family parting with any of it. I can't even call dibs on anything! One day I hope to have the collection of packaging.. and that perfectly damaged Tornay.

Iris said...

Gosh, it's such a treat to get to see this stuff!

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