Monday, July 11, 2011

movie inspiration: evil under the sun

Another parlor mystery set between the wars - I like what I like. This one has the best summer inspiration I've seen in a long time.

red straw pagoda hat

full clownfish regalia with armloads of bakelite bracelets

another straw pagoda and cute espadrilles.

this little girl wears 3 or 4 great bathing suits

and this character wears great wide-leg pantsuits with tiny blazers - I'd wear every one of her costumes.

similar to my navy jumpsuit, but mine doesn't have this amazing sheer herringbone bow and matching hat... yet.

keds and wide silk pajama pants. the lampshade sunhat is pretty desirable too.

and the eveningwear is just as good -

hooded sequin evening jacket

sequin stripes and giant faux jewels. I may have to do this to a thrift blazer

massive puff sleeves and giant polka dots and severe cleavage. More is so much more, no?

bejeweled turban

and for the boys - love the bias binding on this white blazer - maroon, navy and pine

Watch instantly on Netflix here.
For the record I prefer David Suchet as Poirot, but Peter Ustinov is very good. He's just different from what I'm used to. Suchet defines the character though. It's like trying to watch anyone other than Jeremy Brett do Sherlock (though the new BBC Sherlock series is really good - best Sherlock attempt since Brett and very entertaining. But don't get me started on RoDoJr again...)


AJ said...

Definitely one of my all-time faves!

dirtbike said...

the hats!!!

and that hooded evening jacket is totally mind-blowing...