Tuesday, July 26, 2011

movie inspiration: caught

(click the pic above to watch instantly on Netflix)

Just a short movie inspiration post this time - I stopped screen-capping and really got into it. Caught (1949) is the story of a poor model who marries a millionaire (reputedly based on Howard Hughes) and the subsequent shit-show of their marriage. Beautifully acted, and the clothes are gorgeous.

From her poor-girl jeans w satin boudoir slippers - I mean if you're going to wear vintage high-waist rolled-hem jeans you may as well sport fancy satin slippers.. and maybe a flannel shirt tucked in to keep it real..

.. to this amazing sculpture of a dress. I had to get it front and back to show you those shoulders

contrast-lined and flicking up and out just perfectly.

There's a lot more amazing clothing - modeling plus millionaire wife always equals outstanding wardrobe.


deborah said...

"Shit show of a marriage"! I adore it! And that bed is magnifique!

erin said...

If you're looking for some serious film fashion check out The Women from 1939. It's one of my absolute favorites, and Rosalind Russell's outfits are perfection! The whole thing is over the top, and it's black and white except for one awesome fashion show scene. AMAZING.

here's the trailer: http://youtu.be/VD2uQzeZHzo


Sunshine said...

debotah - let me know if you watch it/like it!

erin - I have indeed seen The Women dozens of times and love it! It's famously the best vintage fashion film, which is why I haven't covered it on here. A google image search reveals 7.9 million screen caps! I try to cover the slightly less-covered. Helps to rationalize my obsessive film-watching tendencies..

Alina Albert said...

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